Benefits of Wooden Toys

Oct 19, 2017Educational Toys

The Benefits of Wooden Toys

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of wooden toys? Wooden toys are thought to have been around since the Stone Age, over 2 million years ago!  And yet they are still just as popular today as they were 50 years ago, mainly down to their classic and timeless design.  They may be without flashing lights and sounds, but wooden toys still hold a special place in the homes of children all around the world.


Toys made of wood are sturdy and durable, often lasting much longer than childhood itself.  They can be passed down from child to child making them a great investment for large families.


Wooden toys are made from natural material and most are beautifully painted using non-toxic, water based paints.  This is great for babies and small children who often explore everything with their mouths.

Encourage Imagination

The simple design of wooden toys encourages children to use their imagination during play.  There are no distractions from lights or sounds, giving children the ability to take control and develop their creativity.

Develop Key Skills

Wooden toys come in many shapes and sizes, with each type of toy developing key skills necessary for later life.  Stacking and sorting toys are commonly made of wood and can enable fine motor skills to be developed because of the small movements and grasping techniques used during play.  Wooden puzzles are an all-time favourite.  Their chunky pieces are great for enhancing dexterity and improving problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

Lastly, wooden toys are beautiful! The bright colours and traditional designs are so aesthetically pleasing, it’s no wonder they continue to remain a firm toy favourite

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