What are Fine Motor Skills?

Jun 17, 2017Educational Toys

What are Fine Motor Skills?

Fine motor skills is a term which is used to describe the coordination of small muscle movements in the hands and fingers. This movement is commonly used in activities such as doing up buttons and holding a pencil.

These skills are essential in everyday life for tasks such as dressing, brushing teeth, eating and writing.

How do they Develop?

This skills initially develop with the basic action of babies grabbing at small objects.  Gradually, the coordination of the hand and eye develops and the hand muscles become more adept.  This allows toddlers to start carrying out activities such as learning to write.

In a child’s early years, being able to colour with crayons, scribble on paper and play with building blocks and puzzles is an essential part of their development.   Studies have shown that children who struggle in their early years, often develop a negative attitude to learning later in their school life.  If you are worried about the development of your child’s fine motor skills, it’s important to seek help from a professional. But if you are looking for toys to help further develop these important skills, we have a lovely range of wooden toys that are perfect for the job!

How toys can help

The Stacking Princess Castle (18 months+) and Stacking Penguin Tower (12 months+) can both help develop important fine motor skills.  Children will have great fun building towers and stacking blocks using both hands to hold a shape. This activity is also great for developing the ‘pincer’ movement in little fingers.

Our Farm Lacing Blocks and Transport Lacing Blocks are great for children 2 years+.  The lacing of the thread through the wooden shapes exercises the fine motor skills. Whilst the blocks can also be used to tell stories and develop sequences and patterns. All these developments are made whilst having fun with brightly coloured wooden toys!