Flying with a Toddler this Summer

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Top 5 Tips for Flying with a Toddler this Summer!

We know how enticing the dream of a Summer holiday is, with the appeal of uninterrupted sunshine, abandoning the repetitiveness of daily chores and having time to just be a family. But before you can get to that there’s one issue very few parents with toddlers look forward to – the flight!

Here’s our Top 5 Tips to help you out with Flying with a Toddler this Summer:

1. Avoid the Over Tired Child

Some parents fall into the trap of thinking if they keep their little one from napping before the flight they’re bound to fall asleep on the plane. Sadly, this isn’t always true! The new environment coupled with the constraint of not being able to move around doesn’t lend itself well to getting your toddler to sleep. The risk you then take is having an overtired toddler who is more likely to cause a scene!

2. Drinks Bottles   

You’re likely to need your child’s (or your own) drinks bottle whilst you’re away so pack it in your hand luggage. You can’t take drinks through Security so empty it first, then refill it using the water fountain in the departure lounge (if you can’t see one, ask a member of staff). This saves on buying water at airport prices too! And if little ears pop on the flight they have something they can suck to reduce any pain.

3. Being Prepared for teething

Nothing’s worse than your toddler being in pain or suddenly getting a temperature and having nothing to relieve their pain. Always have some Calpol (or similar) to hand, you may just need a new sealed bottle or be willing to take a sip to get it through Security.

4. Opt for Happy not ‘Hangry’

Whilst there are strict rules on drink, it’s absolutely fine to take a little picnic in your hand luggage. So, make up a few sandwiches and pack plenty of their favourite snacks. If there are any delays at least you’ll be able to keep them fed and not have to pay over the odds for the limited snacks available. Eating is a great way to keep them occupied on the flight too!

5. Everyone Loves a Surprise

Have a back-up plan for that moment when you can see you’re just about to lose your toddler to a meltdown. They say pick your battles and airports and planes are definitely one of those occasions! Parents have been trialing taking one of our super cute soft toys wrapped up in their hand luggage and presenting them in emergency scenarios, so far with definite success! The excitement of the unwrapping, the love of the new friend to share the flight with and the savings at paying airport prices are a clear winner!

Find the ideal cuddly friend for your little one to share their flight with in our Soft Toy range.

Flying with a toddler this summer

Happy Holidays Everyone!

From all of us at Beehive Toy Factory