Finding Fun at Home this Summer

Jun 19, 2024Activities

Looking for ways to keep your little ones entertained this summer without breaking the bank? Look no further! With the cost of living crisis impacting many families, it’s essential to find creative and budget-friendly ways to have fun at home this summer. From homemade ice lollies to imaginative play, there are plenty of ways to keep the summer fun going right in your own back garden. In this blog, we dive into some fun summer activities that will make this summer one to remember!

making ice lollies

Get Creative in the Kitchen with Homemade Ice Lollies

Dive into a cool culinary adventure right from the comfort of your kitchen by whipping up some tasty homemade ice lollies. This activity is not just a treat for the taste buds but also a perfect way to bond with your little ones over something fun and creative. Begin by gathering an assortment of juices, fruits, yoghurt, or even flavoured waters to create an array of colourful and tasty lolly options.

Why not take it a step further by experimenting with layers? Pour a bit of one flavour into your moulds, let it freeze slightly, and then add another layer. This not only makes the lollies visually appealing but adds a fun twist of flavours. To make them even more special, insert small pieces of fruit or edible flowers before freezing. And don’t worry if you don’t have proper lolly moulds; small yoghurt pots or even ice cube trays can serve as fantastic alternatives. Just cover the tops with cling film, make a small slit, and insert a lolly stick.

Engaging your children in selecting the flavours or deciding on the layers allows them to express their creativity and gives them a sense of accomplishment when they taste their delicious creations. It’s a fantastic way to keep them interested and introduce them to new fruits and flavours in a fun, interactive way. So, make the kitchen your canvas and create some edible masterpieces that promise to keep everyone cool and cheerful this summer!

rock painting

Embrace Your Inner Artist with Rock Painting

Unleash the hidden artists within your household with the simple yet enjoyable arts and crafts activity of rock painting. This activity requires nothing more than a selection of smooth stones, which can often be found during a leisurely walk in the park or even in your own garden, alongside some vibrant acrylic paints and a set of brushes.

Firstly, encourage your children to embark on a mini adventure to hunt for the perfect rocks. This quest not only adds an element of excitement to the activity but also encourages outdoor exploration. Then once your collection of natural canvases is assembled, it’s time to let the imagination soar!

Encourage your little ones to think outside the box, painting everything from abstract patterns and bright, summer scenes to their favourite animals or characters. This activity is a wonderful opportunity to engage with colours, shapes, and even storytelling through art. As they mix paints to discover new shades and variations or practise their brush strokes, they’re not just having fun; they’re learning valuable skills and expressing themselves in their art.

painting rocks

The fun doesn’t have to stop once the paint dries. These art pieces can decorate your garden, become handmade gifts, or even become part of a rock treasure hunt around where you live. By connecting with nature and embracing their creativity, your children will discover the joy of art in the most accessible and fulfilling way. Let the rock painting begin and watch as this simple project transforms plain stones into treasured keepsakes.


Organise a Garden Picnic for an Afternoon of Fun

Transform your garden into a delightful picnic spot that promises an afternoon of fun for your family and friends. Begin by preparing a hamper filled with scrumptious treats like finger sandwiches, freshly sliced fruits, homemade biscuits, and refreshing lemonade. Involve your children in the preparation process, letting them choose their favourite snacks and perhaps even help in making them.

Next, spend time selecting a cosy spot in your garden where you can spread out a blanket and some cushions. Encourage your little ones to pick out some of their favourite outdoor toys or games to bring to the picnic, whether it’s a frisbee, a football, board game, Wooden Puzzle Set, or Activity Play House. This adds an extra element of fun to your picnic experience.

playing chess

A garden picnic is more than just eating outside; it’s an opportunity to relax in the sunshine, feel the grass under your feet, and enjoy the peace of your own outdoor space. Consider bringing a portable speaker to play some music in the background or perhaps a book for a relaxing reading session under a tree. This experience is not just about the delicious food but creating memorable moments with your family, soaking in the simplicity and joy of being together in the comfort of your own garden!

cardboard box toys

Let Your Imagination Run Wild with Imaginative Play

Dive into a world where anything is possible, with imaginative play being the ticket to endless adventures, right from the comfort of your own home, regardless of the weather. Create a stage for creativity by encouraging your children to transform everyday items into props and settings inspired by their imagination.

A pillow fort can become a castle under attack, a simple cardboard box can turn into a spaceship ready for lift-off, and the garden can transform into a jungle for little explorers. Supply them with fancy dress, or better yet, let them create their own costumes from old clothes and craft supplies, to become the characters they imagine.

Puppet shows can be a great way to bring stories to life. With cuddly toys like Puddles Penguin and Edward Bear, or handmade puppets crafted from socks and wooden spoons, your children can stage their own plays, developing not just their storytelling skills but also their ability to express different emotions and viewpoints.

sock puppets

Encourage your children to set up a treasure hunt, with clues leading to hidden treasures around the house or garden. This not only stimulates physical activity but also gets their brains ticking as they solve riddles and follow maps.

Imaginative play isn’t just fun; it’s a crucial part of childhood development, helping to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional growth. So, let their creativity flourish and watch as they craft their own worlds of wonder and excitement!

Embracing the joy of simple, home-based activities this summer offers a wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories with your family that money simply cannot buy. In a time when financial constraints are a reality for many, it’s uplifting to realise that the most meaningful moments often come from the simplest of pleasures. Here’s to a summer brimming with creativity, learning, and laughter, all from the comfort of your home. Let the summer of fun begin!