Learning Through Play

Mar 25, 2020Educational Toys, Uncategorized

Learning Through Play

We know that most parents have never trained as teachers or early years practitioners, so suddenly having every child at home all day can present a few challenges! The main priorities no doubt differ between households but the underlying message is to stay safe and stay home. So, take the pressure off yourself and do whatever you need to do to keep your home a happy place.  There are so many ways little ones can learn through play and many of our toys can help you keep them entertained and do just that…

Art Easel

Our Art Easel Set provides hours of fun for your child! Recommended for ages 3 and up, the art easel comes with one magnetic white board side and one chalkboard side for maximum creativity. Your child can use the included magnets and dry-wipe pens to create an array of designs – it’s a great toy for a budding artist or teacher! You can even attach an easel paper roll to the back so they can paint and draw and tear off their wonderful creations to keep.

Lacing Blocks

These lacing blocks are a great way to enhance your child’s fine motor skills as they learn how to lace brightly coloured wooden blocks onto a string. These are very popular in pre-schools and reception classes to help children build up the control they will need in their fingers throughout school from a young age. They are also lots of fun and enable children to be creative and produce any sequence or pattern they like! This toy is recommended for children aged 18 months and up.

Magnetic Maze

These unique magnetic mazes were a big hit with both parents and little ones at an event we hosted recently. Early Years Teachers love them too as they also develop fine motor skills and pencil grip ready for when they learn to write. Many children are starting school these days with great knowledge of how to operate a tablet but lacking the know-how and strength to hold a pencil to write and colour for more than a few minutes.

Our Magnetic Farm Maze and Magnetic Zoo Maze encourage problem-solving too as they guide the beads around the maze using their magnetic wand. Great for independent play – perfect for your child to sit quietly and be entertained with while you work.

Puppet Theatre

Our Puppet Theatre is great for hours of fun! It provides the perfect way for your child to express themselves creatively as it inspires them to create their own stories and use their imagination. From a young age Early Years Practitioners want to encourage children to use their imaginations and this is a great fun way to do that. It will really help set them up for writing their own stories in the years to come which will be an important part of their childhood schooling.

Your child can name their puppet show using the chalkboard, and you can watch their story come to life as they act out the scenes with the puppets. If you’re lucky, you’ll be assigned your own character to act out with them! This is a great toy for ages 3 and up.


As we write this we are still safely dispatching toys every day to families across the country. We will continue to operate following Government guidelines and our website will be kept up to date with any changes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!