Summer Fun for All Ages – Things to do in Dorset and Somerset

May 17, 2024Activities

The Summer season is generally filled with sunshine, longer days and are a welcoming escape from normal day-to-day routine. It is a chance to create lasting memories and explore places that you never even knew existed with all the family! Here at Beehive Toys, we are strong advocates for imaginative play and exploring the outdoors. Whether your family prefers thrilling adventures or creative endeavours, this blog is here to give you some ideas as to what your summer could look like.

The Dorset Coast

Based across Devon and Dorset, the Jurassic Coast boasts a 95 mile stretch of coastal path and outstanding natural beauty that has a variety of fun activities that you and the whole family can take part in along the way. Embark on a fossil hunt and explore the incredible world of prehistoric life under the watchful eye of an expert guide. One of the best things about the Jurassic Coast is the ability to choose where you would like to go, how long you would like to walk for, and what activities to take part in. Discover hidden gems like Brownsea Island, Corfe Castle, and the stunning Lulworth Cove, one of the many beaches with stunning views set between towering cliffs, perfect for building sandcastles and
paddling, and pack magnifying glasses and buckets to explore this vibrant ecosystem. After your adventures, enjoy a picnic with a view and make up stories of the dinosaurs that roamed the land, igniting your children’s imaginations.


Animal Adventures

Spark your children’s curiosity with a visit to one of the many animal attractions in Dorset. Learn about different animals through exhibits and feeding demonstrations and create unforgettable memories. There are a range of animal parks based in and around Dorset that are great for families. Located around an Hour from Yeovil, Longleat Safari Park is well worth a visit. With a 4.7-star rating from over 21,000 people, a drive-in safari and a walkable zoo, Longleat never fails to impress when it comes to the great variety of activities it has to offer for you and your family.

Idless woods near Truro Cornwall England uk

Woodland Wonders

Get stuck into the serene beauty of Somerset and Dorset’s numerous woodlands. Combe Hill Woods is a 62-acre haven managed by the National Trust. Weave through a network of well-maintained paths, build a fairy house with natural materials, embark on a nature scavenger hunt with magnifying glasses and binoculars, or simply relax and soak up nature. The woods provide a thrilling hide and seek area, and for the adventurous, the Polden Way beckons with hidden hamlets and panoramic views.

Little boy making crafts

Unleash Creativity with Arts and Crafts

Although it’s the summer, there’s bound to be a rainy day or two; so why not unlock your child’s creative spirit with arts and crafts activities. Many local organisations and craft centres such as The Courtyard Craft Centre offer workshops specifically designed for children. Let them unleash their inner artist by painting, pottery making or creating their own personalised crafts. Alternatively, gather materials like cardboard boxes, paint and recycled materials, and encourage your children to design their own toys, costumes or board games from the comfort of their own homes.


Unmask History at a Local Museum

Spark your child’s curiosity and ignite a flair for history at a local museum. Many museums offer interactive exhibits and engaging activities specifically designed for children. Based just outside of Yeovil, the Fleet Air Arm Museum has a range of over 100 aircraft, from historic Biplanes to Supersonic Jets. You and your children can climb aboard the first British Concorde, a Supersonic Passenger Airline and experience the excitement of flight from the cockpit. Their award-winning “Aircraft Carrier Experience” puts your kids right in the heart of a working flight deck, allowing them to take part in exciting demonstrations and learn about the vital role of aircraft carriers in naval operations.

kangaroo toy

On a Really Rainy Day…

Rain pattering on the windowpane? Don’t let a rainy summer dampen your spirits. Transform your living room into a play den of soft toys and let your children’s imagination
create the most wonderful storyline. Beehive Toys offer endless possibilities for imaginative adventures and cherished family moments.
These are just a few ideas to get you started on your adventure. With a little planning and creativity, you can make the most of your summer holidays across Somerset and Dorset, creating lasting memories and igniting a love for nature and exploration in your children.

Always remember to pack your Beehive Toys – they are the perfect companions for any adventure!