Things to do with the kids when it rains

Feb 17, 2022Uncategorised

It’s not easy to occupy children when it’s sunny, so when its raining it becomes even more of a challenge. However, there are actually plenty of things that you can do when the weather isn’t up to scratch – you just have to find them! We’ve gathered a few ideas together to make it easier for you.

One thing that you can do to get started is to look for indoor places to visit. Many amusement parks have indoor play areas, or you could go to an aquarium or a child-friendly museum. A few indoor places to search for in your local area are the cinema, theatre, bowling and soft play areas. These are all things that you can do when it rains, while still having a fun filled day!

However, while indoor areas are fun, sometimes its good to let loose. Dig out the old wellington boots and layer up in some warm clothes to go and have a splash around in the muddy puddles. Did you know that splashing in puddles can create a sensory experience for your little one? Sometimes its good to go wild for a moment.

But if getting muddy isn’t your thing and you want to spend a cosy (and dry) day with the kids, there are plenty of other activities you can do inside that will create lifelong memories for your children. Why not pick up the wooden spoon and try some baking? Although your toddler may not be much of a cook, they’ll make memories (and probably a lot of mess!) to last a lifetime. If baking isnt for you, then a movie day is always a great alternative. Find the perfect cosy Disney film, grab some popcorn and sit down to snuggle up for a film day.

The list of activities to do indoors doesnt end there. While baking and watching movies are fun, you could also try something more brain stimulating to help with your child’s development. Try doing some drawing or colouring, gluing and sticking to get messy while the rain falls heavier outside. Children often benefit from these things as it enchances their creatvity and imagination. You could also read some books, play some games or even create your own games and stories.

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