Toys for Summer

May 6, 2022Toys For Summer

Summer is just around the corner and as your little ones grow, the toys they need will change. Outdoor toys need to be durable and able to withstand being left outside in the fresh air and sun but also fun to play with and let kids create exciting games in their garden.

One type of toy that is very weather dependent is the paddling pool or the water table. These help children stay cool all summer long and create endless fun. You need to be careful with your toddlers though and parents should never leave them in the paddling pool alone for any period of time for their own safety. You can also convert the water table in other ways by filling it with sand which kids love. This is one of the best outdoor toys to keep kids entertained and can also help with hand eye coordination depending on the toys used.

But the absolute best outdoor toys are the ones that give your child instant freedom!

From a toddler, they can enjoy outdoor toys like a ride on toy. Beehive have a Fire engine, bus and police car to choose from and they are ideal from the age of 12 months and up. And next up from the ride on is the humble bike. Bikes and trikes give children of all ages hours of fun playing and creating a world of adventure for themselves. It’s the perfect toy for thrill seekers and also to keep your child active and something you can all do as a family.

You can progress from a ride on to a trike. These have molded seats, some have a steering wheel for your child to hold onto but also, they have a parent handle so you can take charge to help out your little one and their weary legs! The multifunctional balance bike is quick to assemble and easy to carry. But ultimately, the multifunction trike allows kids to play outdoor, learning, exploring and playing with friends.

And once they have a bike, the possibilities are endless! Escaping to the park, leaving the house to play outdoor for hours, and it’s something the adults can get involved with, taking their own bikes out to explore the great outdoors together. Choose one with stabilisers still on like these stunning vintage style children bikes to give your child confidence, then it’s that memory making moment, when, as parents, you teach them how to ride without stabilisers. It’s wonderful to see kids learning how to ride a bike as it brings back our own childhood memories.

So get ready for summer now and make sure you enjoy every day the sun shines!