What toys can help your child to develop their fine motor skills?

Sep 16, 2019Educational Toys

Helping your child to develop they’re fine motor skills is important as it will make it easier for them to complete a whole range of tasks from holding a pen, feeding themselves, doing up and undoing buttons and using scissors. It can also help with other essential skills like eye-hand coordination.

It is never too early to start developing your child’s fine motor skills and any toys which encourage dexterity in the hands, fingers and wrists are ideal. Here at Beehive toys, we have a selection of toys which will be perfect for the task.

The range of stacker toys (lion, mini cat, mini elephant) has a combination of wooden beads to move across a maze, as well as wooden pieces to be stacked on a post. In colourful wood with appealing designs, it will keep them entertained for hours with the assurance that you are spearheading their development.

Once your little one has mastered stacking the animals they could progress to the lacing blocks which comprise a set of 33 colourful animal, transport or marine-themed wooden beads which need to be threaded onto a sturdy thread – and then unthreaded again. Dextrous little fingers will be required for this task.

To teach them useful life skills too, such as how to hold a knife, the fruit, cake and food cutting sets are ideal. All pieces are made from painted wood, and the food is held together with Velcro, enabling your little host or hostess to demonstrate their cutting skills to serve perfect food portions. A delight for any pretend tea party.

And for something a little more interactive why not try the marine matching dominoes game, which enables your child to match pictures on the dominoes and place them carefully side by side – encouraging fine motor skills, observation and a healthy amount of competition.

For more information, why not give the team at Beehive a call and see how we can help.