Why bikes are always a top seller at Christmas!

Oct 6, 2021Ride-on Toys

Some toys come and go, fads that are a flash in the pan, some toys achieve cult status for a select group of children and adults but the bicycle…that’s one toy that for decades has been consistently at the top of the best-selling toys at Christmas and appeals to EVERYONE!

Everyone remembers their first big bike, the one where the stabilisers came off and off you went into your first taste of independence and freedom.

A bicycle isn’t simply a toy. Even from their very first one like Beehive’s Giraffe Balance Bike the moment the wheels turn, the fun starts. And bikes grow with you. Your child can start with a trike and move up to a big bike with stabilisers like Beehive Vintage 16” bike.

And while we live in a disposable world, we’ve become a throwaway culture in so many respects, things have little meaning nowadays and during the festive period there are pressures to buy a lot and spend out on things we don’t really need. There are token presents, gift sets, throwaway and novelty items that we wouldn’t otherwise buy but feel compelled to, the bike breaks that mould.

There’s something magical about waking up on Christmas day and discovering that Santa has left you a bike!

So why should you buy a bike for your child?

As we spend a large percentage of our time indoors in today’s world, getting out on a bike is a great way to get outdoors. It also means that children can go further than they likely would if you were out on a walk. It’s transport, it’s independence and something they can enjoy with you but also independently. You’ll see them grow as a person, develop new skills and confidence and help them stay fit and healthy. By giving the gift of a bicycle for Christmas you are giving them so much more than just a bike.

Make it a fantastic Christmas this year and give the gift of freedom.