10 Things to do to Make the Most of May

Apr 19, 2023Toys For Summer

It’s that time of year when the sun shines brighter, the flowers bloom, and the bank holidays start rolling in. And with May having not one, but three bank holidays, what better time to make exciting plans with your family?

In this blog you will find ten fun things to do on your bank holiday weekends with the kids in May.

1. Feed the Birds!

It’s migrating season which means the birds will be heading back home! Rain or shine, grab some cooked rice and some birdseeds to feed the ducks around your local pond or lake. They’ll get a tasty treat, and the kids will have fun too!


2. Kings Coronation

On the 6th of May you’re royally invited to celebrate the Kings Coronation! Thinking of hosting or attending a street party? Hang the flags, find something red, white, or blue to wear and get the face paint out for the kids! Celebrate the weekend with family and friends and enjoy the extra day off this weekend to celebrate with an English scone and a cup of tea.

Kings Coronation


3. Baking

With National Baking Day on 17th May, it’s a great time to bake some sweet treats and celebrate! Why not host your own Junior BakeOff? Gingerbread, shortbread, cupcakes, and more… You will find lots of simple recipes to bake on the BBC GoodFood website or you can even find the actual Junior Bake-Off recipes used on TV to try at home here! The kids will love it and you’ll be keeping them happy and not hungry for the afternoon too!



4. Get on a Bike Ride

Grab the helmets (and maybe even the arm and knee pads too) and go for a bike ride with the family. Pack a picnic and find a nice spot to relax with a drink and lunch, and if you get lucky with the  weather you could even cycle to a lake or river where the kids can paddle around for the afternoon too!

Take a look at some of our Beehive Toys bikes here!


bike ride


5. Go Camping

Bank holidays are the perfect time to pitch the tent and take a break away! Sizzle some sausages and kick off the weekend with a BBQ and some snacks. Why not bring some friends too? With the weather warming up you can plan a trip in advance with some other families as well. The kids can enjoy a weekend in the sun, and you can enjoy a nice glass of wine (or two!). And if camping away from home isn’t for you, create a core memory for your little ones and set up camp in the garden. The kids will love it just as much!



6. Rain or Shine

As we all know, not all bank holidays are sunny, so if May does bring some rain, then don’t let it ruin your weekend! Grab the wellies and brollies and take a walk through the muddy puddles. You might need to prepare the hot chocolates and blankets for when you get home, but the muddy clothes and messy hair will be well worth it!

rain or shine

7. Indoor Activities

If the puddle jumping isn’t for you then why not head out to your local museum and learn about the history of your town? Find an interactive museum indoors and let the kids soak up the history for a day!

If not, grab some popcorn and check out what’s on at the cinema! From museums and cinemas to indoor play areas and bowling alleys, there will be something for everyone. You can even make the most of the rainy days and play indoors with some Beehive Toys while snuggled up watching a film.


8. Do some painting

Get creative with the kids! Rule number one: lay down the cloths…then let the kids loose. Grab the paints from the cupboard and lay the paper across the floor to get creative!

Why not include some texture as well? For the afternoon, take a walk along the beach and collect some sand or paint some rocks. This is a free and simple activity that can be done right on your doorstep.


9. Go to the library

Visit your local library and let the kids choose the books they’d like to borrow. You can have so much fun in the library, especially the kids section! Take the afternoon to look around the library and snuggle up to read the books when you get home. Or if it’s sunny, you can find a spot to read them outside with some snacks.

go to the library


10. See Family and Friends

Make the most of the weekend and spend some time with your family and friends. Why not host a playdate over the bank holiday weekend? Get the toys out for the kids and the wine out for the parents and enjoy a day laughing and catching up in the sun. The bank holidays are for you and the kids to enjoy together!


visit family

So, if you’re a little stuck on what to do over the many bank holidays creeping up on us in May then now’s the time to plan ahead. Use this blog to plan your weekends and have some fun! Enjoy!