8 Unforgettable Things to do with your Little Ones this Summer

Jul 21, 2023Activities

The summer holidays are just around the corner which means it’s time to find an abundance of activities to occupy your little ones …but don’t panic! We can help.

While the summer holidays are one of our favourite times of year to make some unforgettable memories, they are also one of the most challenging! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of low-cost, fun activities and ideas to do with your children during the summer holidays this year.

toddler playing on beach

Go Outside

It’s often easy to think that you have to be doing something crazy active and exciting during the summer holidays to be doing the ‘right’ thing, but it’s not!

Sometimes the best way to keep your kids busy is to simply let them outside. Take a walk around your local park or head to the beach for the day. Rain or shine, the outdoors will always brighten your day and freshen you up! Why not take a picnic with you and enjoy the sunshine over some low-cost treats? You won’t even realise that you’re creating core memories for your little ones that they’ll cherish forever!

kids camping

Garden Camping

Grab the kids and pitch your tent in the garden this summer! There’s nothing more enjoyable (and easy) than camping in the garden. Toast some marshmallows, eat some sweet treats, and snuggle up under the stars while still in the comfort of your own space. Save the cost of a camping pitch and travel time to enjoy some precious time together as a family!

Forgot the torch? No problem! Just pop inside the house to grab one – it’s the perfect set up!


Growing vegetables with mum

Grow your Own

Why not go green this summer and encourage the kids to do the same? Set up a mini allotment in your garden and grow your own fruit and vegetables!

You can not only track their growth over the summer period, but you can also spend plenty of afternoons occupying and entertaining the kids while doing it! They’ll be able to watch their plants grow, and you’ll be able to cook up some delicious healthy dinners fresh from your garden. While gardening and growing your own food can be exciting and fun, it’s also teaching your little ones some valuable lessons along the way!


Kids backing with gran

Get Baking

Let’s get baking! One of the simplest ways to occupy your little ones is to bake something –and it means you can feed their forever hungry tummies afterwards too! Grab the cookbooks and let your little ones choose a sweet treat or two to make. Brownies, cakes, gingerbread, shortbread, muffins – the list goes on! Why not take some out with you on your picnic?

It might get messy, but it’ll be another unforgettable summer memory for your little ones to treasure as they grow up!

playing a board game

Games Night


It’s time to get competitive! Wipe the dust off the Monopoly board and roll out the Twister mat for an evening of fun. Enjoy a fun filled night or two tallying up the points to see who the overall champion is.

And the best part about games night is that you can do it however many times you’d like! Once you have the games, you’re good to go…although you might want it to stay as a once-a-week activity to avoid it driving you mad!

hand painting

Get Creative

Paint, stick and glue whatever you want onto some paper and let your creative side flourish for the day! Set up paper and paints in the garden sunshine and enjoy an afternoon creating pretty paintings and pictures.

You could even write sweet letters on them to give to family and friends. And if your little one is a really tiny tot then the traditional footprint and handprint is always a lovely memory to have – although I’m sure they’ll create an abstract mess for you to clear up afterwards…

So, while the summer holidays might be a challenging time, they’re also one of the best times of the year. It’s time to enjoy days with your family and friends, and to enjoy the sunshine and rainy showers. Add these ideas into your summer schedule and scrapbook a collection of core memories and photos for your little ones to remember forever!

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