The Aquatic Adventures of Wilbur the Platypus and Friends

Aug 25, 2023Bedtime Stories

Welcome to our new bedtime story series where you can sit back, relax, and read with your little ones. So, settle in for the first instalment of the aquatic adventures of Wilbur the Platypus, Hermit the Crab and Toby the Turtle. 

Once upon a time there was a platypus named Wilbur, who lived happily in the rivers of Eastern Australia. He explored the rivers, spending his time on the warm winding riverbanks, before diving to the depths of the water to enjoy some delicious worms and fish for his dinner.

Wilbur the Platypus catching fish

Every once in a while, Wilbur loves nothing more than swimming to the estuaries, where the river meets the seas to visit his two trusty friends, a crab called Hermit and a turtle called Toby. Wilbur loved to explore their home below the waves, deep under the sea in a magical kingdom known as coral cove, where creatures of all shapes and sizes that float, swim and scuttle live.

Wilbur meeting a turtle and hermit crab

Wilbur and his friends became known throughout the reef for the fantastic tales of their aquatic adventures. From racing with shoals of fish, to finding abandoned shipwrecks, they were always up to something.

One morning, Wilbur was visiting his friends in Coral Cove where they were playing in the reef when they were startled by a bright light streaming through the water.

lights in the water

“Let’s follow that light and see where it leads us” said a mischievous Wilbur with a twinkle in his eye.

“What a great idea! It’s time for a new adventure” replied Hermit, the most curious of them all.

“Then let’s go” added Toby, the wisest of the three.

And so, they set off on their next adventure.

As they raced through the reef, they encountered a forest of slimy seaweed, slipped through dancing dolphins and crept through the darkest of caves. Working together they spotted openings, cleared paths and safely navigated their way towards the light.

After passing through a field of starfish, they came across a shoal of large fish who offered to help the friends finish their long journey.

“Hop on and we’ll give you all a ride the rest of the way” said one of the fish. So, they all jumped on a fish and continued their journey.

After a long ride, coming to the end of the stream of light, they found themselves in a clearing with not another creature in sight; and Wilbur, Hermit and Toby waved goodbye to their new fishy friends.

Turning around, they found themselves gasping in awe as they stared at the most beautiful field of glowing, shiny pearls they had ever seen, making the sea sparkle with beauty.

field of pearls and a shell

“wow” the three friends exclaimed at the same time.

“They’re beautiful” added Toby.

As they swam closer, a gorgeous mermaid with shimmering hair appeared above the field of pearls.

Hermit’s eyes danced with wonder as he asked the mermaid “Are these your pearls?”.

The mermaid looked upon the three friends and nodded.

“These pearls are my greatest treasure. But, since you have come such a long way, I want you each to take one as reminder of your adventure” replied the mermaid.

“I just have one request” she added. “Tell me about your latest adventure”.

Sharing a look, the three friends settled in and began sharing the story of their latest adventure – It was truly the best yet!

The end.

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