Benefits of a Baby Balance Bike

Jan 31, 2020Ride-on Toys

What are the benefits of a baby balance bike for your one-year-old?

You may be thinking about getting your toddler a balance bike, but a regular balance bike or tricycle seems intimidating for such a young child – and you don’t want to end up wasting money if they won’t use it! A baby balance bike is an alternative for babies and toddlers, but what are the benefits of them?

What is a baby balance bike?

Like a regular balance bike, a baby balance bike is a small ride-on without any pedals, meaning the child propels themself forward by using their legs and can use the handlebars to change direction. Baby balance bikes give toddlers their own control, letting them go at their own pace and learn how to balance and move around! The bikes are designed to be lightweight so they can be easily manoeuvered by the toddler and can usually be used on any surface, whether indoor or outdoor. They come in various styles and colours and can have four or three wheels depending on the design.
Baby balance bikes and similar ride-on toys for toddlers help to develop their fine motor skills – they teach toddlers how their bodies and brain work, as they learn how to grab onto the handlebars and push themselves across various surfaces. As most of these toys are good for use outside, the child will gain confidence as they adventure out on their toy and explore their surroundings, learning all about balance and stability as they go! Baby balance bikes give toddlers a sense of independence as they’re left to their own devices to manoeuver around.
As the toddler grows older, a baby balance bike is also a good segue into using a regular balance bike and, eventually, a real bike as they will have already learnt the fundamentals of balance.
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