Cost-effective Christmas Activities for a Magical Holiday Season

Oct 26, 2023Activities, Christmas

There is a unique enchantment that fills the air during the holiday season. It’s a time for togetherness and joy and an opportunity for families to make long lasting memories. However, as the year-end approaches, it’s no secret that the holiday season can sometimes put a strain on our wallets, with the average family spend being close to £1,000.

In this blog, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the joy that low-cost family fun can bring, by compiling a list of some fantastic budget-friendly activities that you and your whole family can enjoy together, helping to make Christmas even more memorable!

making chocolate bars at home. melted chocolate in the form. clo


1. Personalised Chocolate Gifts


Creating personalised chocolate treats at home is not only a delicious activity that involves everybody’s favourite snack, but is also an extremely budget-friendly activity that your whole family can partake in. It’s an activity where your family can not only spend time together and feed everyone, but also makes a great gift idea too! Making personalised chocolate gifts for your friends and family is a fantastic way to show them you care and have put thought into their gift at this often-busy time of year. All you need is a ribbon and a nametag to make it one of the most thoughtful gifts that money can’t buy!

Here’s one of our favourite recipe’s to get you started!

Photo of a family enjoying a cozy Christmas movie night together

2. Christmas Movie Night


One of the best things about winter and the festive period is the enjoyment of home comforts and family time. There is arguably nothing better than sitting on the sofa under a soft blanket and watching a Christmas movie with your family. This simple, yet comforting activity shared by friends and family across the world is one of our favourite ways to spend a cold winter evening in the lead up to Christmas. What’s better, is that apart from the movie itself (which you may be watching on a streaming platform), and the must-have snacks, this activity remains almost completely cost-free. So, get cosy and stick on one of your festive favourites for a low-cost evening in!

making decorations

3. Make Your Own Christmas Decorations


Homemaking Christmas decorations is a fun and budget-friendly way to embrace the festive season. There are a vast array of Christmas decorations and ornaments that any individual or family can make with little to no cost involved. As opposed to purchasing new and often expensive materials, one of the best parts of this activity is that you can create these festive treasures out of ordinary materials around the house, from the likes of toilet paper tubes to raw pasta! Some popular crafts include decorating baubles, homemaking cards, and much more! Click here for some more Christmas crafting inspiration.


christmas lights

4. Local Displays and Christmas Lights

During the festive season it’s common for towns and cities to bring their communities together with annual Christmas light ‘switch on’s’, carol singing, and other festive displays and events. These events are often free to attend and make for a wholesome and memorable experience for families of all ages and sizes to enjoy.


winter walks

5. Winter Walks


Winter walks are arguably the best activity on our list. There is something so special about inhaling the crisp, fresh, winter air and focusing on nothing other than being in the moment with your family, within the beauty of nature. Click here to find the best winter walks near you!


Whilst Christmas may be a financially challenging time for many, whether you decide to partake in one of our suggested low-cost activities, or alternatively find your own festive activities to enjoy; it’s important to remember that Christmas is a time for love and festivity above all else.


From all of us here at Beehive Toys, we wish you and your family a magical festive season!