Small Packages, Big Smiles – Top Toy Gifting Suggestions for a Baby Shower

Sep 20, 2023Activities

Buying a Baby Shower gift may be new to you, especially if you are not a parent yourself; but never fear, Beehive is here!


In this blog, we have compiled a list of the best baby shower toy gifts, specifically aimed at the pending new arrival, to give you a helping hand!


What to consider when buying a baby gift


Buying for a baby can be difficult, especially before they have even arrived! As you won’t yet know what they enjoy/don’t enjoy interacting with, it can be helpful to take other factors into consideration. These factors can include appropriateness of age, size of the gift and even what materials the gift is made from. By considering these factors, you can avoid gifting the wrong thing and keep both the baby and parents happy.


The Best Toy Gift Suggestions for a Baby:

Soft Toys

pink dog teddy

One of the best items to gift a baby is a soft toy – there is a reason why soft toys are one of the most popular gifts for babies! Not only are soft toys tactile and smooth against babies’ delicate skin, but they also have the tendency to take on the scent of family members that are regularly around the baby, acting as a portable reminder of the comfort and security of their home and family, allowing them to feel more comfortable and confident when away from their parents. At Beehive Toys, we stock a wide range of baby-friendly soft toys that would make the perfect gift!


A Hand Made/Personalised Gift

Personalised Gift

There is always something extra special about receiving a personalised gift. By taking the time and putting in the effort to make or personalise a gift, you are creating something unique, with sentimental value and meaning. For a baby specifically, this means that they will often grow up with this gift and naturally affiliate you with said gift and the effort you put in to create something special for them.


Story Books

Story books

Story books are a fantastic and largely popular gift for any baby shower, with friends and family often gifting their own favourite childhood story for the new arrival to enjoy in the same way they did. Story books are a great way for parents and children to bond, as it encourages them to spend valuable time together doing something enjoyable. Story books have also been proven to have many health benefits for babies and children. By reading to newborns and young children, their cognitive development is supported slowly over time, which in turn is seen to improve their vocabulary and help develop a special bond between the baby and reader. For some examples of story books you could gift, click here for some newborn friendly options.


Teething Toys

Teething Toys

Teething rings are a thoughtful gift idea for a baby – surprisingly, they serve more than one purpose! Teething rings are designed to aid the baby’s pain when their teeth are coming through, but when teething toys are in the baby’s mouth, they also train the baby’s tongue to move around the toy and develops further feeling and control over their tongue, that can help with gaining strength in both the baby’s tongue and face.


Gift Vouchers


If you are struggling to find a gift, then gift vouchers are another great option! This way the parents are able to choose what they need for the baby. Although not as personal as a personalised gift, it avoids the stress of purchasing the wrong gift that they potentially already have or don’t actually need. Here at Beehive Toys, we offer gift vouchers with a customisable amount between £10 – £100.


There are many gifts that are suitable for a baby shower, but the one you choose should be both appropriate for the baby and a heartfelt present to cherish. At Beehive Toys, we provide an extensive selection of baby-friendly toys that are not only safe and plush but the perfect gifts! To explore our range of baby toys in greater detail, simply click here to visit the Beehive Toys website!