Jan 27, 2023Educational Toys

We know that independence is an integral part of growing up. Especially in the early years from 3-5.

One day they want to be picked up and carried, the next, they are toddling off on their own.

One day, they were holding your hand for dear life, the next, running off with friends without a backward glance!

But how can you foster independence with solid boundaries to keep them safe while they explore and stand on their own?

Pre-school helps a lot. It prepares them for school. They must take accountability for dressing themselves, behaving in a group, listening to instructions and learning through play. But you can start their journey at home as well.

Please give yourself plenty of time before leaving the house so they can work out how to tackle their coat and shoes without your help.

Allow them to choose their clothes, weather dependent, of course!

Go for a walk and ask them to lead the way home.

Get them to help with the cooking and preparing of meals.

Build and Play Ball Game

Encourage independent play with toys like the Build and Play Ball Game. This helps with problem-solving skills and dexterity.

Teach them how to ride a trike or bike. Giving them freedom on wheels encourages them to take control and learn about risks.

The multifunctional 3-in-1 trike is a great place to start, as you can still help guide them using the handle on the back until they have the confidence for you to remove it.

Doing all these little things at home will help your child start preschool confidently and not feel bewildered for the first few weeks.

So the day they let go of your hand, you’ll have confidence in them, and they’ll feel secure knowing you are there to support them!