Keeping Kids Entertained on the Road – Best Travel Toys for Car Journeys

Apr 17, 2024Activities

Long car journeys with little ones can be a test of patience for both parents and children. The initial excitement of the first 10 minutes can quickly fade, being replaced the constant “are we there yet”. At Beehive Toys, we understand this struggle, so we have compiled a list of travel toys for car journeys that will keep your kids entertained for miles, without the clutter of the usual activity set, colouring book, or sticker book.

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1. Muffin the Hedgehog

For your little one, Muffin the hedgehog acts as the perfect travel buddy. Crafted from soft plush material, Muffin boasts a very huggable body, embroidered eyes and a charming bow tie – a touch of dapper that will melt hearts! This cuddly hedgehog is not just adorable, but is also built to last, having been created with the highest quality safety-tested fabrics, ensuring it will withstand countless cuddles and road trip adventures. Plus, when playtime gets messy, Muffin can be easily washed in warm or cold water, making him one of the best travel toys for sticky fingers and juice spills.

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2. The Mini Cat Stacker

This cute wooden stacker features a set of colourful blocks and a fun bead maze, perfect for keeping little hands occupied during a long journey. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The Mini Cat Stacker is of a small enough size that it conveniently fits into a standard travel bag, making it a fantastic space-saving option and one of the best travel toys for any one of your trips. Additionally, this toy teaches essential skills to your growing little one. As your child learns to pick up objects using the smaller muscles in their hands and wrists, they learn to coordinate their hand movements with their vision, promoting hand-eye coordination. Crafted from durable, natural wood with smooth edges, the Mini Cat Stacker is a safe, fun and engaging choice for any curious toddler.


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3. Chunky Monkey

For the tiniest of tots, we offer the loveable Chunky Monkey! This charming, knitted monkey teddy is a dream come true for newborns and infants, exceeding the minimum safety standards, making it the perfect or a cute toy for older kids! With a unique knitted fabric and embroidered eyes, Chunky Monkey offers a textural experience for the most curious of kids. Similarly to Muffin the Hedgehog, Chunky Monkey is also machine washable, ensuring that your toy stays clean and hygienic for the best playtime experience, no matter what the road trip throws your way!


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4. The Mini Elephant Stacker

The Mini Elephant Stacker is another great option for encouraging developmental play and providing entertainment while travelling. Similar to the Mini Cat Stacker, this wooden toy features a set of colourful blocks and an engaging bead maze, ideal for keeping little ones entertained. The compact size of this toy makes it the perfect travel companion, and as a result, its design reinforces hand-eye coordination, whilst helping your child master tiny movements in their hand and wrist muscles, all while they learn to see and reach! Made with only the best materials, the Mini Elephant Stacker is a safe, fun and enriching choice for toddlers ages 18 months and above.


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5. Aroar-a-saurus Teether Rattle

For teething tots, the Aroar-a-saurus Teether Rattle is a lifesaver on long journeys, providing the upmost entertainment. This adorable 14cm pink dinosaur features a built in, BPA, PVC and phthalate-free silicone teether, perfect for soothing sore gums! The soft embroidered face provides a comforting cuddle, while the gentle rattle sounds stimulate hearing. This sweet dinosaur is not only for teething; the rattle and soft textures encourage sensory exploration, keeping babies engaged and content. The teether rattle is also machine washable, making it easy to keep clean during your travels.


With a little planning and the right selection of toys, a road trip can be transformed from a battleground of boredom into exciting adventures. At Beehive Toys, we offer a fantastic range of travel-friendly toys designed to entertain, educate and soothe your little ones on the go. From cuddle companions to stimulating stackers and teethers, we have your back with everything you need to ensure a happy journey for the whole family. So, pack your bags full of Beehive Toys and hit the road worry-free!


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