On Yer Bike – Helping your child Cycle to Success

Mar 2, 2023Ride-on Toys

Teaching your child to ride a bike will deliver a huge sense of achievement for both you and your little one, forming a major developmental milestone in their earliest years. Riding a bike provides a fantastic way to promote exploration, enjoy the natural environment and unleash your child’s sense of adventure; also providing an important way to improve your child’s fitness, relieve stress and promote mental wellbeing.

So, with so many great advantages to riding a bike, when and how should you get started?

In this blog we discuss some of our top tips for developing your child’s cycling skills step- by-step, helping them to make the transition from their first set of wheels at around 18 months through to going it alone in years to come:

Wheels Welcome

With the right set of wheels, safe equipment and checks in place, your little ones can be ready to start their ‘wheely fun’ adventures from the age of just 18 months. A trike can provide a stable first set of wheels, helping your little one to build confidence, enjoy a new more interesting way to explore and all at the same time as helping to build strength and coordination.

Multifunctional 3 in 1 Trike

At Beehive toys, we are extremely proud of our award-winning 3 in 1 trike, a perfect set of wheels for your little one to start out in their learning. With a convenient parent handle, it puts you in control of steering and speed, whilst the ability to remove pedals means that your little one can rest their feet safely whilst they explore.

The even better news is, the 3 in 1 trike can be adapted into 3 modes, enabling you to continue to use it through the next stages of development and up until the age of five.

Motoring on

boy on trike



As your child’s learning continues and they build strength and confidence, it’s time to unleash the power of pedals. Pedalling is an important motor skill for your child for a variety of reasons. It increases muscle strength, improves bi-lateral coordination, improves posture, and helps to develop independence and confidence further. Suddenly your child is in control of the movement and can build an understanding of the impact of changes to their peddling motion.

Keep calm parents, the parent handle can stay in place for as long as you need, to give you the control and peace of mind until you’re ready to let them pedal free.

It’s a Balancing Act

It’s not until you reach mode three of the 3 in 1 trike that you’ve not yet had the opportunity to really test your child’s balance. When you move to a balance bike, suddenly there are no pedals and no stabilisers, and your child must rely on their ability to push their feet off the ground to move forward. They can take things at their own speed, coordinate all movements and have the freedom to ride almost anywhere.

Multifunctional 3 in 1 Trike

Building Stability

So, they’ve mastered the pedals, they’ve got balance sussed and are coordinating their movements confidently. That can only mean one thing, you’re ready for your first real bike.

Whilst there are many fantastic options on the market, we recommend a look at our Vintage Bicycle,  it’s stylish, it’s durable and award-winning.

Once you’ve got the bike they’ve been dreaming off, there is no time like the present time to unleash their sense of adventure and enjoy cycling with the whole family. Whether it’s muddy trails, exploring the environment where you live or heading out to dedicated bike trails, family exploration is better by bike.

You will find fantastic family-friendly bike trails throughout the UK.


Safety Matters

Before you get going, be sure to make sure you invest in necessary safety equipment such as a quality helmet. Do your research, look at reviews and ensure you can try a helmet for size before you buy.

learning to ride a bike

It might take a few attempts and confidence is key, but before you know it you’ll be stabiliser free.

Prepare to Explore

No matter where you are in your cycling journey, whether by Trike or Bike, peddling or pushed, enjoy getting outdoors, spending times with loved ones, learning new things and enjoying healthy activity.

There’s no better time to get on your bike – Take a look at the Shop to view all of Beehive Toys bikes