Life Skills

Jul 15, 2022Wooden Toys

Life Skills

There’s something to be said for traditional toys. Not only are they favoured by the ‘crunchy mom’ or the ‘Montessori teachings’ or even by the Pinterest devotees looking to create a pastel décor, but they also have a practical purpose that electric toys can’t do.

Building blocks create a dexterity in a young one that will help them with hand and eye coordination. And using memory games and solid wooden toys can foster concentration and solo play, giving your child a stronger identity and sense of independence.

And that’s skills that a lot of children are lacking in due to the pandemic. Anecdotally, many have lost 2 years of important development and are turning up to foundation year unable to do basic tasks like take their coat off or use the toilet properly. They struggle to interact and concentrate for a long time.

76% of schools (44 out of 58 schools) reported that children who started school in Autumn 2020 needed more support than children in previous cohorts. *

Traditional toys give a more solid foundation for their development. They show them how to work with their hands without flashing lights and noises every time.

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