The benefits of Beehive Toys for your child’s growth and development

Aug 17, 2022Educational Toys

It’s the summer holidays so the kids are taking a break from learning – but why not have fun and learn at the same time? Children are constantly curious and excited to learn new things. Generally, kids toys are fun, simple and most importantly – keep the child occupied. But have you ever considered the educational benefits of your child’s toys? At Beehive, a lot of our toys support your child without them even realising. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. Memory

Firstly, memory games are brilliant for stimulating the brain and improving functions like attention, focus and concentration. A fun, gripping game that not only keeps your child busy for a while (if you’re lucky!) but also opens up space for critical thinking. Critical thinking is extremely important as it allows children to nurture their attention to detail, therefore improving visual recognition. Our Memory Matching Game is great for this. You can find it here.

2. Puzzles

Not only can puzzles keep you going for days, but they can also develop many skills. Some of these skills include shape recognition, concentration and patience. Puzzles can be challenging from young to old ages and the commitment to complete it is a good skill to work on. They also develop problem solving skills and perseverance, which are great skills to have from a young age as this will come in handy when they start nursery and school. Find our Wooden Clock Puzzle here.

3. Matching

Counting and matching is another great game for your child to play. Matching games can improve your child’s language, memory and concentration. The ability to concentrate is so important as it allows you to then listen, understand and remain calm in sometimes stressful situations. Matching games are also good for recognising the similarities and differences between objects, letters and colours. At Beehive, our Count and Match Number Set is perfect for practicing this. You can find it on our website here.

4. Music

Musical instrument toys are great for sensory development. They help to create a potential passion for music and can often help create friendships and bonds with other children. They also help to improve memory and coordination, while also being a fun and enjoyable game – even if it does need hiding to give you some silence every now and again! Among a variety of musical toys, you can find our Magic Touch Piano here.

5. Building Blocks

Building Blocks are great for developing spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. Children love building blocks and can get committed to creating something impressive. Therefore, this develops problem solving and creative flexibility too. Our Building Blocks are available on our website here.

At Beehive Toys, we take all of these things into consideration when creating the perfect toy for your child. Allow your child to develop through the enjoyment of games, puzzles and fun! Our toys help your child develop important skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives – and they’ll get you through the summer holidays!
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