The Ultimate Guide to Beehive Bikes for Every Little Rider!

Dec 4, 2023Ride-on Toys

Finding the perfect bike for your little can be more difficult than you might think; with a diverse range of brands, each offering products with their own range of features and all with differing quality and price points.

In this blog, we take you through a small selection of our collection of bikes and trikes. They have been carefully selected to meet the needs for a range of individual age groups, helping you make the right choice for your child whatever their developmental stage. We’ve got everything from animal themed balance bikes, to 16” Bicycles with removable stabilisers. You can rest assured we’ve got the perfect set of wheels to make the perfect Christmas gift for your child!

1-2 Year Old’s

A Beehive giraffe balance bike, front and side view.

Built and targeted for the smallest tots, our giraffe themed balance bikes are both intended to enhance your child’s imagination, and ensure both safety and learning. This bike has 3 wheels which can not only aid in stability, but also encourage the coordination, walking, balance and motoring skills of your child. With a comfortable saddle, squishy handlebars and a vast range of safety features, this trike is an ideal introduction to the world of biking for your little one!

2-3 Year Old’s

Beehive 3-in-1 trike

Children aged 2-3 may be in the awkward stage of wanting to do everything themselves, but not being capable enough to do so! Don’t worry, this 3-in-1 trike can cater for both you and your child’s needs! As they grow older and more capable, you can switch effortlessly between a push trike, tricycle and balance bike. What is a push trike you ask? A push trike is a parent’s dream with pedals to help your little one gain independence and a height-adjustable handle for added control; it is the perfect compromise for both you and your child! Then when they’re ready for the next exciting stage in their bike riding journey, the trike is there to grow and evolve with your child! This lightweight foldable trike is the best thing for on-the-go adventures, providing excitement and practicality for every occasion.

3-4 Year Old’s

Blue Wooden Balance Bike

Best equipped for the adventurous age group of 3 – 4 year olds, the Blue Wooden Balance Bike is a great stylish and eco-friendly option for your child. This bike not only looks great, it has a vast number of features and fittings designed to keep your child safe and sound. Whether it’s puncture-proof tyres, a charming bell, or rubber handle grips, this bike won’t come up short! The best feature on this bike is the practical storage bag attached to the front of the bike, handy to store all of the treasures your little one will find on their adventures!

4+ Year Old’s

Children's 16 Inch Bicycle Yellow

Completely transform your child’s cycling experience with the Children’s 16” Bicycle in a dazzling yellow colour, perfect for 4–7-year-olds. With a plethora of different colours, it’s more than just a bike. Whether it’s the removable stabilisers or the retro design, this is the perfect first grown-up bike. As your child grows, the adjustable seat and handlebars ensure a comfortable and practical journey. This Beehive bicycle is bound to make your child’s journeys more exciting and memorable!

Whether your little one is taking their first spin in the cycling world, gearing up for their first grown-up bike, or anywhere in between, Beehive Toys is here to help!

Browse our extensive range of bicycles suitable for ages 1 – 4+ and we can ensure you will find the ideal fit for your child’s biking needs.