Jan 12, 2023Educational Toys

Have you heard of STEM or sometimes known as STEAM?

It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Sometimes people use STEAM and include Arts.
It’s a driving force for education, and children are encouraged in these subjects from the moment they start school.
But we think they can start feeling the love for STEM subjects from a young age, which is possible through play with suitable toys.

At Beehive Toys, we have a range of toys that can fire the imagination and provide an excellent base for developing a love of maths, design and technology.
From toys that enhance dexterity to toys that make counting fun, it’s all about creating what can seem a daunting subject by the time they start school into something recognisable and something they associate with fun.
This could set them up in good stead for their academic life and lead to careers in various sectors.

STEM Toy ring counter

Starting from as young as one, we have the Ring Counter.
This excellent toy is brightly coloured and encourages parents to help with counting and develops dexterity with placing the rings in the right colour to the correct amount needed.

shape sorter house

Our shape sorter house encourages little ones to find suitable shapes and work out how to manipulate them to fit into the house.

abacus frame

And where would we be without the classic Abacus!
It helps to develop fundamental maths skills, pattern building and colour recognition. It can also help hand-to-eye coordination, logical thinking and fine motor skills.

Animal Balance Stacking Game

And as your child gets older, the Animal Balance Stacking Game is great fun!

Helping with problem-solving skills, your child must roll the dice and stack the animals according to the colour shown. Trust us; you’ll be playing along with this game, as it can be pretty tricky!

Beehive Memory Matching Game



One of our more popular games is the Memory Matching Game.

You have to put the bees into the honeycomb, but the trick is to remember where they go, as the height of the honey bar might not fit the depth of the honeycomb!

It’s a great game to play with your child and helps with memory, attention, focus and concentration.

Find out more about our range of games and how you can order them to be delivered to your home at our website.